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FEMA $1.5M grant for 13 hillside tornado shelters at Camp Geiger, MO

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FEMA funds 75%, Pony Express Council 25%


"Camp Geiger is located on the bluffs of the Missouri River just north of St. Joseph. It's also about 150 miles south of a Boy Scout camp in Iowa where a tornado killed four boys in 2008.


Pony Express Council officials say Camp Geiger's concrete shelters are expected to be built by December 2015. They'll include restrooms, showers, phones and other amenities for campers and visitors"



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I wondered if this was some mistake, that FEMA meant to fund hurricane shelters at Camp Geiger USMC. I'm having a hard time recalling any recent direct federal funding of improvements, safety or otherwise, to a scout camp. Donations of gallon cans 20 year old Civil Defense peanut butter, sure. :D


Beats wasting the money outside the US.


My $0.02

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