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Whittling Chip Demo Knife

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Time outdoors dramatically increases with Webelos.


Understood, our Webes don't go without everyone else. So far the Webes I have run across cant sleep without mom or dad !!! Whats up with all this wussafaction? My sons a Web this year, we are going to going to summer camp, he will have his own tent.

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personally I would have him share a tent with another scout rather than his own tent.



No other scout is will to sleep without mom or dad. Dont mind me asking, but why?


DISREGARD !!!! I read all I needed to read about this subject. Never knew there were issues. Dont want to Derail the Whittling Chip

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those plastic knife and soap demonstrations aren't teaching anything useful and will not represent real world needs for a knife.

the skill might help you get out of jail. It did for Woody Allen in 'Take the Money and Run'


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