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2013 Jamboree Trading Cards - willing to trade to complete sets

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My son and I visited the 2013 Jamboree on the Saturday of the event, and like most everyone there, got tons of packs of Jamboree trading cards. While we have lots of duplicates of cards, we amazingly are a few cards short of complete sets, one for him and one for me.


I'd be willing to trade with anyone who has extra cards in order to complete our sets. The cards we're looking for are:


William Dickson Boyce

Carroll A. Edson

Ernest Thompson Seton (2)

James E. West

J. Brett Harvey

James C. "Jim" Justice II

Philip Condit (2)

Douglas H. Dittrick

John E. Gottschalk

Drayton McLane

John Clendenin

John W. Creighton, Jr.

John C. Cushman III

Milton Alexander McRae

Charles M. Pigott

John Mortimer Schiff

Rex W. Tillerson (Past Presidents card) (2)

Thomas John Watson, Jr.

Alden G. Barber

Joseph A. Brunton, Jr.

Robert J. Mazzuca

Dr. Arthur A. Schuck

James L. Tarr

Gold Standard

Neil Armstrong

Gerald R. Ford

Jon Heder

John F. Kennedy

Jimmy Stewart

Percy Sutton

Sam Walton (2)


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