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Wanted: Lodge Executive Committee Patch

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i haven't seen exec committee, but I have held in my hand national supply issued Lodge Chief and chapter chief POR patches before they were recalled. I find it amusing that council and district VOA presidents have POR patches, but not the OA folks.


I know some folks still make repros of the lodge chief and chapter chief. Heck I bought several of the chapter chief repros and handed them out back when I was .chapter advisor.


In regards to what my lodge does, the lodge chief gets a council executive committee member patch as he is a member. Chapter chief technically are on the district committee, but ever since one incident with adult committee members behaving badly, teh current chapter advisor said, ' NO MORE!"


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You could make a custom LLD patch that says Executive Committee.


Technically there are no OA POR patches for youth, except Troop Guide. You can find Lodge Chief patches, official (if your lucky), or unofficial, and others, but remember they're considered temp patches, and are worn on the right shirt pocket.

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