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Roundtable topics needed for new commissioner

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One topic that we have periodically that works well is a meeting devoted to the organizations that have sponsored Eagle service projects. They come and talk about projects that have been done, ideas they have, leave contact information. We invite Life or soon to be Life scouts and its beneficial to the scouts and newer leaders and the organizations beneifit from the exposure.

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It took me a while to figure out just what the roundtable meetings were supposed to be for. My districts Roundtables sometimes have been a bunch of announcements followed by everyone staring at the wall saying does anyone have anything to say. Just recently they have seemed to improve. It seemed like the cub roundtable was the only one that anyone paid any attention to. I'd love for a roundtable to have discussions just like the ones that take place here. Maybe this forum could be a resource for your monthly roundtables. Just grab a hot topic and bring it up at the meeting. It does seem like no one talks about how thier troops are run. That would be a great resource for new and old leaders alike.

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