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How many birthdays are you willing to admit?

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Mark9750: I'm thinking 53(9/7/50)

Bsat4jb: I wasn't sure but I'll bet your unit is troop 4


For anyone on the forum: what do you call a person who has completed the wood badge course but not the ticket yet? When can they say they have done wood badge ,when they get their beads?

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I'm 52 closing in on 53. By the time I was 16 I had spent half my life in Scouting. I took a 25-year nap during college/grad school/early married life and returned to active duty when my son became a Tiger. Now, I'm a Scoutmaster, my son is Life and we both went to Philmont for the first time this summer. Each year is better than the previous one. I can't wait!



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Andrew canoe:


I would suggest "candidate" as a term for one who has completed the Wood Badge syllabus, but not the ticket. Others may use other terms.


As to the latin jokes -- they're really only funny if explained. I have to admit that I'm not Catholic and that my one semester of latin in 9th grade has faded a bit, but I can help with the semper ubi sub ubi . . .


Semper = always

ubi = where

sub = under

ubi = where


Now forget about grammer and read down the right hand column. :)


Non illigitemi carborundum. (not aimed at anyone in particular.) Caveat Emptor.


DS(This message has been edited by dsteele)

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So Dave, shouldn't you then explain your Latin phrase, which we were told (many years ago) was actual grafitti from Pompeii?

Non illigitemi carborundum - Don't let the "illegitmate sons" (fill in appropriate English expletive) wear you down.

From fourth year Latin, when we were supposed to be translating Ovid, but "metamorped" into Catullus....

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I'll be 60 this coming February! I wore an "I like Ike" pin for my parents on my Cub Scout uniform. I still have my Bobcat Pin which really had a pin on the back not a push tack. Anyway, I'm still crawling around on all fours in and out of my tent and yes, it isn't so easy anymore. My left shoulder is going so handling a full dutch oven with just that arm is getting tough, also. Let me add this: every camp out is a new experience, yet only another moment extended from the first as a Scout back in '56. I've given up Scuba Diving, ice skating, roller skating, skiing, and running. Pray I don't have to give up Scouting! 'Ole Dave J!

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If you saw a picture of me, you might be sure that I am 53. 90% grey head of hair, more of a fat old guy than FOG is, and my kids say I'm grumpy.


But alas, I'm 44. The 9750 is my street adress.



OGE, I spent 3 years in Latin during my Seminary years, but other than The Our Father, the Hail Mary, and counting to ten, there isn't anything I could do right now. My oldest took two years of Latin just recently. I tried to help him his first week or so, but gave up. What was it? a, ae, ae, um, a, ae, orum, is, os, is? see, I told you I am clueless!



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Marty already explained the graffiti.


Caveat Emptor = Let the buyer beware. (Loosely translated, OGE, don't even start ;)


As to OGE's latest Latin (isn't that a contradiction in terms?) I have no clue. Please, OGE, don't make me dig out my Latin/English Dictionary (don't know where it is) and give us a translation.


Don't you guys make me revert to Quechua . . . I don't know where that dictionary is either and I have to go from English to Spanish to Quechua. Definately not worth the effort to show off to you guys.



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