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I've been a Cubmaster for 3 years now. I probably don't need to recount the trials I've gone through as the CM over time, as we all go through the same thing. It seems like we've had some unique challenges in the Pack though, just to name a few:


Had our popcorn kernel flip out and order several thousand dollars more popcorn than we could ever sell, leaving us facing financial ruin

A committee member had an affair with the Tiger Den Leader (when their spouses found out - WHOA!)

Parent went to the council office and tried to get me, the ACM, the CC, and the Quartermaster all forcibly removed from scouting because nobody helped her carry her suitcase to her car after the last campout (who brings a suitcase camping anyway?!)

Struggled with recruitment over the years, finally building the Pack up to a sustainable level

Liberal amounts of parent vs. parent drama, with some intentional backstabbing/lying sprinkled in

I'm also the leader of at least one den every year as it's been hard to get parents to step up, meaning I get to spend less time with my own son

Too many campouts to count where nobody wants to help so the leaders get stuck doing it all

Hundreds of emails that went unread

Hundreds of hours spent making and updating a website that went unseen


The ACM and I even formed our own secret patrol, and our patrol slogan is "I bet Jeff never had to deal with this!" (Jeff is the former CM)


But then we had Day Camp this year. I took two days off work and taught a class on campfire cooking for one, and was a den walker for one. At the end of the second day, walking back to the car, my son said to me "Daddy, I loved having you here today."


All worth it.


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I was sent an email when a troop leader accidentally hit reply all when responding to my email requesting den chiefs. His reply was "Cub parents are icky." Apparently the two troop leaders had an inside running joke also, which I didn't find too funny.


But back to your main topic: Glad your son appreciates what you are doing for him. It does make it all worthwhile.

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Austinole - hopefully the "special" relationship between the Tiger Leader and the committee member, because I wouldn't wish the fallout from that situation on anyone. But, maybe it's not as unusual as I thought!


The good parts of leadership have been on my mind a lot more lately since my son is crossing over this February and I realize I will miss it. All things considered, I'd do it again. The one on one time with my son is obviously the best part, but since I've been the CM they are now all "my" boys, and watching them grow up has given me back way more than I put in. 3 months left as CM and all I have left to do is... about 197 things.

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When it comes to Scouting I am a very responsible person.... If something goes wrong, everyone says I'm responsible.


Way back in the far reaches of my brain, I have a little tape recorder that plays "It's all for the boys!" over and over again. At times, it's the only thing keeping me sane.


For a brief moment in time, I had a CC come to me and say, "You take care of the boys, I'll take care of the politics." Best 3 years of Scouting I ever had!!! Within 2 months after he left, I was asked to leave. :) It sure was great having a wing-man. Oh, by the way, he was the former SM of the troop and knew full well what was going on!



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