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Eagle eyes spot fake scouts

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I require scouts to read their respective merit badge book cover to cover before their first merit badge meeting with me. This usually does not happen, so class is dismissed and we try again next week. Old school.


But a recent class was different, at the first meeting one scout had literally read the the book cover to cover.


"There's a problem. This book is wrong!"


"Okay, what is the problem?"


"The Eagle scout on the back cover is fake. He is the problem."


"Why do you say that?


"His sash has TWO CAMPING MERIT BADGES on it."



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Critical observation used to be a major part of early Scout requirements. Now all they see are check marks.



Good point! In the Scoutcraft program mandated by an act of Congress, Second Class Requirement #4 (track/observe), as well as First Class #3, 4, 7, and 10.




Presumably "modern" Scouts take Ritalin instead.

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