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A plea to all you Web-heads

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Early last year (2002), I was looking for something similar, and came across a newsgroup posting as follows:


========begin quoted stuff===========

There is a program (Total Recorder v2.0) doing exactly what are you looking for. You can download it from http://www.HighCriteria.com. It can record sound being played by other sound players, either from a file or from the Internet (even online broadcast). It can record conventional audio from CD's, microphone and other lines on a sound card. Also it can convert different sound formats to WAVE format.

========end quoted stuff===========


I myself have not used this tool, as I found another version of the sounds I wanted. It looks like it costs about $12.


Hope this helps...

Thom in Omaha



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You might want to try this:




It's an encoder for the Windows Media Player from Microsoft. If it works, you should be able to play .avi's in your PowerPoint presentation.


If you don't have Windows Media Player, you can download it here:




I hope this helps...

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I have a feeling that I will get showered with paper cups for this, but here's what I do for similar problems. I take the file, transport it onto my Macintosh where I have a utility (I think it''s called soundedit) that converts file formats and then export it back to the PC world. Sometimes it works flawlessly, sometimes not at all. I bet there's a similar utility for PCs somewhere. Check this one and see if it can do it:


Last resort, play it into a microphone with streaming audio recording capability.

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The audio files on that website are in the RAM file format, which is a Real product. According to the Microsoft knowledge base RealNetworks content is created by software that is developed by RealNetworks. The content is compressed with proprietary RealVideo and RealAudio codecs and is stored in a file format developed by RealNetworks. To play RealNetworks content, obtain the RealOne player.


PowerPoint does not support RealNetworks products. The sound file would have to be in some format supported by Windows Media Player which would also be supported by PowerPoint.


What you need is a ripper to convert .RAM to MP3 or WAV or something else that Media Player can read. Apparently no such puppy exists. Real wont share their format.


One thought would be to use a utility that will record directly from your sound card. Play the RAM file using RealPlayer, and record it into MP3 or whatever. Then insert the file into PP. I dont know if that would work, but you could try. Look here for rippers and recorders

http://download.com.com/ .


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Ok, I got it to work without converting the sound files to a WAV format.


I saved the sound recordings on my computer. I am blessed to have a CD Burner on my computer. I recorded the sound onto a CD.


Then in Powerpoint, I was able to go the INSERT section of the toolbar, droped down to the Movies and Sounds section and clicked on it, went to the "Play CD Audio Track" section.


I followed the directions there and inserted the sound in the powerpoint slide.


So now, when the slide of B-P appears, the recording of his voice starts up. It will work as long as the CD is in the computer. Not perfect but it works.

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