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Yeah, I’ve done Baloo.  I feel confident that I understand Patrol Method well enough to lead the Cubs thru AOL.   I’m also trying to involve Boy Scouts whenever possible (have a Scout or two come teach knots for the Wolves, that sort of thing).  Finally, I’m trying to gradually give them simple responsibilities now— they will vote on their electives this year, they choose their campout menu— to transition them to Boy-led when they are you, rather than jumping into that with Webelos without any preparation.

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Oh if only that were true.  Though I have not seen many, and I have been at this rodeo for a while, I have run across a few leaders that felt if a little training was good, then more was better.  They

I am referring to all Cub leaders - that includes pack committee members, Cubmasters, Asst. Cubmasters, as well as Den leaders. Many packs I know are 40+, if not 60+ boys & families. Organizing

I’m a den leader, and I agree with whoever said that it seems superfluous at this level.  I’m sure it’s a good training, but.....I don’t feel I need leadership training to run herd on first graders!  

I paid for it myself as an ACM with 18 months left in the Pack before my kid heads to boy scouts. I taught outdoor leadership  at the Nat'l Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) for 13 years. I wanted to see what BSA was doing after being out of uniform for 40 years.

My pack will be sending two senior leaders next year and paying for it. Both have 3+ years left in the pack. Both of them need to learn the big picture of contemporary scouting so they can effectively delivering the minutia at the unit level. For these folks its time to get a clue or return to den leading. We have 75 scouts and do about $16K in popcorn each year.

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