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care for camping items

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Hi this is jamie and I need your help.

could you please send me some information on how to take care and clean up some camping items like dutch ovens, box ovens, buddy burners, camp stoves, propane stoves, reflector ovens and other camping items like the ones above. If you have any information about these you can email me at camping4gold@yahoo.com.


also if you have any other information about how to make some of these and where to buy some of these.


thank you


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hi I wrote something about taking care of some camping gear and buffalo2 has asked me if I could narrow the request down so I thik I have somewhat hear it is.

Could you please send me information about how to takke care of the box ovens, buddy burners and camp stoves. my email again is camping4gold@yahoo.com




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Jamie -


Cardboard box ovens just need to be wiped out on the inside with a damp cloth. They should be stored where ever you have the room, being careful not to crush them. If they do get trashed it is easy enough to make new ones.


Buddy burners need to be refilled with wax as needed. No cleaning required. I just put mine inside my coffee can stove, put the lid on and store in a plastic grocery bag.


Camp stoves should not need much maintainence either. I simply wash my Coleman stove with a warm soapy cloth or scrub sponge to remove spills. If something major breaks most camping gear stores carry replacement parts.


I hope this helps. There isn't a lot of "care" involved in any of these.

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