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This is a dedicated thread to discuss CPAPs and camping. Successes, failures and ideas. When I just did cubs a jump starter and my 12v machine worked fine. My new machine is 24V so i picked up a big marine battery at Wally World and use my inverter. Works but in efficient, heavy and only gets me two nights.

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I have been looking into Newer Lighter Machines with Smaller Batteries and I have also been looking into Solar Chargers. One of the things that pop up in all the Forums we seem to Over look. To get More life out of the Batteries is to Unplug the Machine from the Battery when not in Use. No sense in Running the Displays and small Lights on Knobs when Not in Use


Right Now I have a plug in Model RESMED :( so I am Restricted to Camping where Electricity is available or Running off my Truck Battery as I stated in the Other thread. However the Unit is Getting Old and has 19058 hours on it. It May be time to get a Newer one. I do like the self Humidifying features of the smaller newer ones also.


I have emailed The Summitt to see if it is true that People On CPAPS are not allowed in Back country anymore, so awaiting their word on that issue.


Since I am Pretty much limited to yalls dreaded "Car Camping" due to Health Issues I have also thought about making a Custom Camp Trailer with a Solar Charging system and also a Camp Kitchen on the Back part.

I just can't seem to bring myself to spend $35000+ on a Tent with TVs and such, although a Restroom would be Nice when They are not available or the Port-a-johns have a Long line


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Well, my solution isn't perfect -- but soon after starting on a CPAP machine, I realized I couldn't go on a particular 5-day remote canoe trip with the troop. So I talked to my various doctors (Somnodoc, ENT and oral surgeon). The oral surgeon had a solution, that he admitted doesn't work well for everyone, and that (his words) "CPAP is the 'gold standard'."


So through him, I got an oral appliance. I've used it on every troop outing since then. The oral appliance basically moves your mandible forward, creating more space in your throat. Less obstruction, less problems. But it isn't perfect. You need to heat it in very warm water for a couple of minutes and then pop it in. Sometimes in the middle of the night, it might pop off. In that case, it is near impossible to get back on. Strangely, I've only had those problems at home, not while on outings.


It needs to be kept clean, obviously. Also -- you can't just wear it once a month. So I wear it at home every now and then, sometimes even with the CPAP mask on (I find the combination of the two means I can drop the pressure a little, and have fewer problems with aerophagia -- swallowing air -- which is worse, for me, at higher pressures).


Overall, I've had few problems with TMJ pain, and even when I did, it didn't keep me awake. In the morning, after popping out the appliance, it takes a good 20 minutes or so, before your bite restores.

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One more thought -- the oral appliance is called a "PM Positioner" and was purchased and fitted through an oral surgeon. My dentist cautioned me by saying, "I'm glad you didn't get something through late night TV advertising."


Here's the real bad news -- the cost was $1600, but was covered by insurance. My CPAP machine was about $1600, covered by insurance. Seems expensive for a couple of small hunks of plastic and some stainless steel.

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