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webelos attending boy scout meetings

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I would think you would need two adult leaders from the pack to attend the troop outing. Both would need to have OWLS and BALOO training as well.
It's not an outing! It's an outdoor activity- meaning- an activity that happens outdoors. They are doing orienteering. Anyway, things have changed for me. Since my 3rd oldest child will also be away that night, I cannot leave my 3 younger children at home alone. The instructor for the cert class says to just do the class online, which means that I am now available to attend boy scouts tonight, along with my younger three children.
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The LDS do somethig called 11 year old scouts. They are the bridge between webelos and boy scouts, sort of like a new scout patrol that meets separately from the regular boy scout troop. if you think of it as a patrol, it will make more sense, cause patrols can and should meet separately from the whole troop meeting thing to get stuff done and have fun as well as get them started on their trail to first class stuff. I don't think you can change that. the only change I could think of is if an 11 year old scout program was available within the existing troop, but I do not fully understand the structure to see if that would work in your area.



Check with the scoutmaster, but usually the younger kids can just go in the church to a kid's room with toys and there may even be someone there to supervise. is it at your church or another one nearby?




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