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I have a scout who is in his 2nd year of welding at the tech high school. I had a conversation with his teacher the other day to be the MB counselor. He will not sign up do to the fact that he doesn't give out his SS# to anybody and doesn't want to take the time to do YP. He told me that this scout has done all the requirements to get the badge, he is willing to write a letter to the effect. Can this scout just find a MB counselor with the letter and have his blue card signed off?

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I would say yes, since the work can be verified. However, you need to Scout to come to you and ask about the MB and not the other way around.
Huey The scout did come to me which is why I went to the school to try to recruit the teacher for the MB.
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If you look at the requirements, it is really a long talk with the MBC. In Part 5b (listed as a here) is to be done in front of the MBC, so that's up to the MBC to accept.


  1. Choose one welding process. Set up the process you have chosen, including gas regulators, work clamps, cables, filler materials, and equipment settings. Have your counselor inspect and approve the area for the welding process you have chosen.

#6 is bring you work to the MBC and show them what you did.


  1. After successfully completing requirements 1 through 5, use the equipment you prepared for the welding process in 5b to do the following:

    1. Using a metal scribe or soapstone, sketch your initial onto a metal plate, and weld a bead on the plate following the pattern of your initial.
    2. Cover a small plate (approximately 3" x 3" x ¼") with weld beads side by side.
    3. Tack two plates together in a square groove butt joint.
    4. Weld the two plates together from 6c on both sides.
    5. Tack two plates together in a T joint, have your counselor inspect it, then weld a T joint with fillet weld on both sides.
    6. Tack two plates together in a lap joint, have your counselor inspect it, then weld a lap joint with fillet weld on both sides.



Overall, this is a skills teaching time. If the Scout wants to do this MB, then I would get a Buddy and find a MBC that will be onsite and sign-off. The Scout that already knows Welding can help teach his buddy. EDGE.

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Yes or no depending on the counselor. Some will accept previously done work' date=' some won't.[/quote']


It does not say after discussing with your counselor, or having the counselor assign BUT it does say after doing Requirements 1 to 5 which include discussing things with his counselor. The counselor is not obligated to accept work prior to there meeting, at elast not in this case, but I cannot see why they would not if it is verified by a school teacher.


And for the record, unless the requirements specifically require counselors approval or to be done after other work with a counselor, they are not allowed to ignore prior work.





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