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What was/is the highest rank you have achieved...

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Arrow of Light

Eagle w/ 3 silver palms

OA Brotherhood


I held pretty much every junior leader position up to JASM. I'm just now getting involved again after 13 years away. I'm just starting as an Assistant Scoutmaster.


I think it's great that scouts are/will be looking at Venturing as the next step. Now that I'm involved again, I realize that I didn't *really* need to stop once I turned 18.


In my area in 1991, there was only one Explorer post I knew of. Their focus was on police duties. That was not something I was interested in so I overlooked it and I didn't know you could go until 21 years old. For some reason, it didn't even cross my mind to keep scouting with my troop as an ASM while I was in college/over summers.


I also realize now that I should have looked to scout camps and high adventure bases when I was looking for summer jobs while in college.


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Boy Scout - 2nd class

Explorer - Eagle - Post Pres. - Council Expolrer Delegate Chairman

Adult - ASM - Dist Advancement Chair - Crew Advisor






P S - I would like to extend my personal thanks to any Vet who has defended our freedom. I remember talking to the soldiers who came home alone from Viet Nam and often were taunted in public. God bless y

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A very long time ago: Lion, Webelos/Arrow of Light

A little bit later: Second Class Scout [drat Morse Code requirement]


More recently: ACM, CM

Then: ASM

Then: District Advancement Committee, UC

Now: ADC,

Eagle Board of Review Chair,

Council Commissioner College Associate Dean,

District Award of Merit,

Silver Beaver..


Most important ever: Dad to two Eagle Scouts

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Arrow or Light in Cubs

Eagle in Boy Scouts

Patrol Leader, Asst Sr Patrol Leader, Sr Patrol Leader, Jr Asst Scout Master, Asst Scoutmaster.


As a full fledge adult I am serving as 1 of our Tiger Cub Den leaders and am on the District Round Table Staff. Also Active on a District and Council level with Boy Scouts.


I served as Lodge Sec. In 1984 for OA.

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