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Gift for outgoing Cubmaster

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If you are spending the cash, there is a swiss army knife that has a USB drive in it. I have given that some of my Eagles as they went off to college.



I've had one of these for years... Mine's got a 256MB drive in it.


They make 2 versions: One with just the drive so it's "airplane safe", and one where the USB drive is a "blade" in the executive-style knife. All the current versions are here.



I can say, it's definitely a conversation piece when I pull it out in meetings when someone asks "Do you have a flash drive?"

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We got our previous CM, as well as outgoing leaders gift certificates to Applebees.


I hope we do the same thing again with the outgoing leadership as it is well deserved. But I know that the CM will being getting the Scouter Award :)

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