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Google Sky!


You point your smart phone (Android, anyway) at the sky and it identifies what lies in that direction (even in the day, which can be interesting). If you point it at the ground, it shows what is currently in the sky in that direction on the other side of the earth (including the location of the sun at night).


The Small Dipper is sometimes too faint to see, so we view it with Google Sky, after the new Scouts show with a green laser how to find the North Star using the pointer stars of the Big Dipper or the Big W (Cassiopeia).


From Wikipedia:


Google Sky is a feature for Google Earth and an online sky/outer space viewer at http://www.google.com/sky. It was created on August 27, 2007.[1] The application allows users to view a collaboration of images from NASA satellites, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, and the Hubble Telescope.[2]


It is available on Android and can be used on a smartphone as an augmented reality application.




iPhone apps not phablet apps.


There are decent ones for the iPhone like Starwalk. Might need to move that down to 100 feet though. :)

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