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Brattleboro, VT....sigh! I spent 10 months on business in Burlington, VT between 1999 and 2000 and did a little travel around the state. Even visited Brattleboro. I fell in love with VT. I'd love to be able to camp VT sometime. The trees are just beginning to turn here in OK, I imagine it is all over in your neck of the woods. Actually, here in OK the trees are green one day and brown the next. Very little color or gradual change of the seasons. VT.....sigh!

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Jest quit yer "pinin" for VT. What would you do without fireants, rattlesnakes, scorpions, and all the other things that make camping out down here 'fun'? I've been as far north as OK and it's pretty country, too! The last time I wandered north of the Red, it was up the Eastern side of OK above Antlers. It was fall and the trees were mighty nice then.

I can already hear it coming now about how the Big_Dog needs to see more country, so maybe Santa will send me some plane tickets to Yankee-land!!




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Big Dog,


Don't get me wrong, I've lived in OK all of my 46 years and nothing could pry me away. It's home. But VT is beautiful year round and a great place to visit. Rolling mountains, natural lakes, forests, comfortable summer tempatures, etc. When I was there, they had a heat wave and brown outs. The temp got to a whooping 90 degrees!!! Oh my! LOL The falls are unbelievable and even the winters have to be experienced to be believed. I had always wondered if you could really tell a difference between 0 and -30? I mean once it is cold, can you tell a huge difference between cold and "cold". I'm here to tell you....YES! I walked outside the hotel one evening in a pair of sweat pants and a tee shirt when it was around -20. It felt like I had been dipped in water and was standing their naked. The cold went in one side and out the other in a split second and every hair in your nose freezes and curls up. The nice thing about the snow is that it is powder and everything is so cold, you just go out and can literally blow it away from the window with your breath. I'm used to scraping an inch of ice and snow off of car windows in OK. Back to OK, believe it or not, the only rattlers I've ever personally run across have all been in NM. Fortunately, the fireants have not made it up to central OK yet. The east side of the state is forested and does have some pretty fall color. I'm so sorry you have to live down in Baja Oklahoma. Perhaps you could ask Santa for a college football team as good as OU's! Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

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Not a UT fan, so I'll say it.. Santa wouldn't be able to find another team as good as OU! And I like the comment about Baja, OK. But, there are some nice Boy Scout camps in Tx. That's why I sign off...y'all come visit Tx.




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how about...



an anodized aluminum pot set from GSI..

wide mouthed nalgene bottles...

50 foot of 'good' rope...

50 foot of 1/8 in nylon rope...

sierra cup or three...

good fold up magnifying glass...

good compass...

leather lanyard with good whistle...



better stop but the list of small things to improve a scouts outdoors experience can go on and on.



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for you scout wish list, the obvious is sometimes overlooked by non- scouts, so for your list I would add:


a pocketknife (sized for a boys hand - not 369 gadgets)

knfe sharpener stone or kit

a multi-tool

a mess kit

a silverware set

a compass

rainsuit (NOT a poncho)

inexpensive headband flashlight

backpacker/ biking size personal first aid kit

sample size toiletries for camp

carbiner hooks

magnesium firestarter

a COVER for their handbook, (or small bag to hold book, pen and paper - zippered bible covers work, too)

or the new spiral bound handbook

a star/ constellation guide

an extra troop t- shirt!

a blanket for their patches

fleece sleeping bag liner

winter sleeping bag

self-inflating sleep pad

a watch with an alarm (lots of our boys don't wear watches!)

an inexpensive camera or disposable cameras

a fanny pack for camp or day trips

scout uniform parts (pants, belt, socks)


for specialty trippers -

Dry bags

camelback water carriers

a backpack

hiking socks

thermal wear

bike emergency repair kit

gel seat for bike

bike packs or saddlebags



for the adults -


any training books or scout books and anything they don't have from the above list




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  • 1 month later...

Well, I thought I would fire this thread back up here. Anybody have some changes or additions? I know I sure do...


Large dollar amount gift card to REI


A new day pack... any suggestions?? if nothing else, I'm gonna get some type of military assault/3 day pack since this is kind of what I'll be using it for.


Still looking for a good pair of boots, but I have a feeling those will wait until birthday


Large donation to a charity (coughcoughBSAcoughcough) specifically Okaw Valley Council


digital camera


money to go to Ranger Camp


a decent job


some playing time on the basketball team:(


Climbing helmet


Climbing harness/belay device/chalk bag combo


lots of money


cell phone


that all troops overseas come home safe


The new Field Book


A new Handbook.... Mine is in shreds almost




Anybody else??

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There's gotta be something wrong with me... it took this thread to remind me that Christmas is in 12 days. Well, okay, I knew it was in 12 days, because I've got the majority of my Christmas shopping done, but somehow in the craziness of it all, I forgot that I get presents, too...


Thank you hops for resurrecting this thread, because it gave me some ideas to give my parents-- who thank you, too, I'm sure! Apparently I'm hard to shop for... which is ridiculous, because I'm about the most easy-to-please person ever...


Anyway, I know she might even forget she said anything, but a million thanks to LauraT7, for suggesting a fleece sleeping bag liner... anyone who knows me knows I absolutely abhor being cold, and unfortunately I get cold quite easily (I'm a freak). I think a fleece liner (or two!:p) would be the perfect present for me. That, and a green Venture uniform shirt...


Oh, mother...


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