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Suggested Indoor Activities when Webelos visit Troop??

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(I already posted this in the Cub Scout forum, but wanted to garner any feedback from here as well.)


Our troop holds a weekend camping event where we invite the Webelos IIs from the local packs to join us for the day. This is one of our primary activities where we attempt to "plant the seeds of interest" in the Webelos and their parents, so that they will want to crossover to our troop later in the year.

At the campout, we have several outdoor "Scout stations" where we either demonstrate some aspect of Scouting, and/or have the Webelos join in. These have worked well, and we have been able to keep the Webelos happy and active for the better part of the day.... as long as the weather cooperates.

Last year, it poured, and we quickly improvised some indoor activities, but ran out of ideas after about an hour or so. This year we want to have plenty of indoor things planned and ready, should we need them as a backup. But it's kinda tricky to think of Scout things (which can be presented indoors) that the Webelos haven't already encountered in some form as Cubs.

Sure, we can have a slide show of troop events. Someone can talk about High Adventure activities they've attended. Someone can talk about summer camp, etc. But we'd like to give the Webelos a hands-on chance to "get a taste" of what's ahead of them in Scouts, not just talk.

Doing this outdoors is easy. Indoors is more limiting. Anyone else faced this? Any suggestions? Thanks.


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If your troop had had these plans just for the troop would they have cancelled or moved them indoors? Why not do them in the rain? Webelos II should be preparing for Scouting in all kinds of weather. Sounds like a great opportunity to get a taste of Boy Scouting!

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Demonstrations, talks, and presentations aren't usually too exciting, but games with activity are what I think you should aim for.


First Aid: form teams of 1 or 2 boy scouts and a few Webelos. Have a 'big crash' with a victim for each team that they need to locate, treat, and transport.

Teamwork: I always like team building games. For example, each scout has some gear including a couple sticks, some cloth, a 5 foot rope and they have to rescue someone that is 30 feet away. Or, build something at least 10 feet tall. Or, make a stretcher for an injured teammate. Or, figure out how to have your team traverse a bog given 3 boards and a few cinder blocks in specific locations - you have to figure out how to lay out the boards.

Compasswork: set up an orienteering course inside.

Fire: good luck :-) but you could show a propane stove and flint/steel.

Sun: Use a single bright light to simulate the sun for finding directions from the sun or showing a sunclock.


Playing games and having fun is a big part of scouting. These are some pages with a bunch of games that you could use:






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