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When can my daughter join Venturing?

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Actually 14 is the minimum age for Venturing' date=' grade is not a factor, male or female especially with a young girl in a crew of boys and girls averaging 15-20 years of age. A 13 yo would feel out of place and probably still be too immature to function well in a crew, and would most likely drop out in a few months. Our high adventure crew is made up of mainly experienced former boy and girl scouts or youth who have had a lot of outdoor experiences. I have not heard of remote venturing especially since the program is not designed for a solo Venturer .[/quote']



Not Always always true. People are Individuals. Myself I always got a long with Older People. You don't have any personal knowledge of her skills or her aptitude towards outdoor Skills.

And your statement 14 is Minimum age is 14 is wrong also..13 is minimum age if 8th grade is completed.


One downfall of scouting is the Age Appropriate Skills and Events. Scouts who are not allowed to do stuff they want to do lose interest in Scouting

I do agree, in terms of the Age Appropriate guidelines. We live in a coastal area. Most kids around here are pretty comfortable around the water and boats. It was absurd that I couldn't bring out my kayaks (large stable sit on top kayaks) for a Webelos event. My boys have been playing on them alone since they were 6. I also think it's ridiculous that paintball/laser tag is banned.
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