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Happy Halloween! urban myths

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At the Post Office this morning, overheard conversation:

Little Old Woman, "...you know it's too bad when we're young we don't learn our family histories from the old folks."

Reply from Little Old Man, "Yes, that's for sure, but I decided to make sure my children wouldn't have to search, I've spent countless hours looking for grave sites."

LOW, "Really? Did you ever see that gravestone, you know, the one with the devil's head on it?".

LOM, "No, but I've heard of it."

LOW, "I saw it once. A friend took me to see it when I was little and now I can't remember where it was."

LOM, "What was the story on that again?"

LOW, "You know! That man is buried there, the one who as a boy burned a Bible. Then after he was buried, after they put the gravestone there, a devil's head just grew right out of the stone on the top of the gravestone."

LOM, "Yeah, now I remember."

LOW, "And every time they replace the stone with a new one, the devil's head grows out again." "It won't stop, probably for eternity."

LOM, "I guess we know where that man went."

LOW, as they exit the front door of the Post Office, "Yeah, I know that!"


Share your favorite urban myth with us. Or just a good scary story. This one was brand new to me today, and I thought it was a good one. Happy Halloween, be careful tonight.


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