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What are your best/most effective volunteer recruitment ideas?

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Sasha has it right. Review your prospective candidates and pinpoint who is the best fit. Go directly to them and let them know why you want them specifically (flattery gets you everywhere). Let them know that they will have a mentor and receive training and ensure it happens. Also, don't forget to think outside of the box when looking at your pool of potential volunteers. Extended family members, former boy scouts, young adults, church members, etc. They don't have to have a boy currently involved in Scouting in order to be considered.

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I'll be leading the Wolf Den this year. Parents always have a 100 reasons why they can't lead a Den. This year, we'll be starting a Denner program in my den and I plan to tell parents that the Denner is rotational and when their son is the Denner, they are expected to attend and assist at that meeting. Hopefully, that will mean no more than perhaps 2 meetings a year they are required to assist. I think that is a small commitment to ensure quality guidance to the kids.

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