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Been Browsing and thought I would join this Forum. Got sucked into being Cubmaster of a nearly dysfunctional Pack. The membership policy change (if you want to call it a change...) put even more stress on our Pack, but I think we can weather through it. It is an odd situation where the Charter Organization is the local township and just provides a small hall for meetings and signatures when needed. They have absolutely no "skin in the game".

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Welcome. Keeping a pack going is a tough job. Make sure you are trained and read the leader book so you at least understand how it is supposed to be done. The biggest battle I have found is getting parents to step up and take on a position, such as popcorn sales, treasurer etc. if you can get that done the rest should follow. Your CO situation is not that odd. Many chartered organizations such as a PTO do not have any real involvement with the pack unless you start having conflicts in the Pack. Feel free to ask lots of questions and you will get lots of different opinions. Don't be put off by some of our grumpy members, they mean well. Our pack lost the CM as well and I am trying to avoid the position, but may have play the role once a month. A strong committee chair is very important. When you start taking on to many roles burnout is inevitable. Keep your focus on the Dens, that is where 90% of cub scouting takes place. Keep your pack meetings an hour or under and lively. Keep the "announcer talking to the kids or parents" part to a minimum. Games, songs, skits are fun and keep they boys interested. Keep guest speakers short, they can get boring sometimes. With Pack events I think quality is better than quantity. If all you can pull off is one campout, pinewood and blue and gold, just do that and add on next year. Encourage uniforms and neat appearance with small rewards but do not put down or make scouts that are not fully uniformed uncomfortable. Use the positive approach. There is a thread on best pack meetings you should at. YouTube and the net can help teach you songs and skits. Do as I say, so as I do songs work great and span the age groups. I am going to make a post about appropriate use of the Announcements Song shortly. It was a big hit at Boy Scout camp.

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