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Sig Sauer Donates 70 engraved handguns to Jambo

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Sorry about the ammo. Did you catch the post about the scout camp in Nebraska? Once they got the word they had huge donations.
I fairly often read about the 'Riot Plan' in the gun blogs. Lots of bluster and braggadocio, little substance.
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Since when does being Venturing age, rather than being a Venturer, qualify a Boy Scout to participate in activities restricted to Venturers?
There is a Pistol Pilot Program which allows boy scouts to shoot handguns at participating camps.




Mostly the BSA caliber, firearm restrictions are contradictory and don't apply to their own high adventure facilities.

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Rumor has it shooting sports staff is light and they might not get everyone through.

If not for the price of admission, I would be more than happy to work as an RSO. Scouting is the reason I took the course.
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