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Crew Open House/ Tubing a river with visitors invited

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Our crew is fortunate to have a beautiful small mild river with one Class 1 rapid behind our church where we often take a nice two hour canoe paddle- 10 min drive to put in and 10 min to the church from where we take out… We have a new high school opening up a mile down the road this fall and the crew would like to host a tubing event as an open house/ membership kickoff.


We would treat all visitors as non-swimmers with PFD's and close toe shoes mandatory of course, liability release forms with medical info, adult kayakers “sweeping†the group and we would follow other standard BSA procedures…


How do we open the event to non-registered youth (and potential adult leaders) and CYA at the same time? Suggestions are requested & very much welcome…


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This sounds like one of those things you will want to bring in your DE (and maybe your council professional for venturing, if you have one) for guidance. Me, I would have some lifeguards available. Maybe a local swift water rescue group would mele emselves available. VFD's might see this as a chance to promote themselves. I would file a tour plan for this as a recruiting event. There are lot of people to talk to and clear this with, but it sounds like a very worthwhile opportunity.

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