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Camp Bell (NH) - Lightning strikes injure 23 scout, 3 adults

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Lightning strikes on NH Griswold Scout Reservation, Camp Bell. This is the NYLT week at Bell.

Twenty-three Boy Scouts and three adults were transported to hospitals in Concord and Laconia...Everybody was conscious and stable.

"According to fire officials, the scouts were taking shelter underneath a canopy. When the lightning hit, it somehow traveled along a piece of metal and hit the canopy." Six scouts have chest burns.





Next week, Camp Bell starts the regular summer program.

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A curiosity for the someone with more physics education than I:


When you have 1000 scouts stacked up in an amphitheater, are we attractive to lightening?

We are the highest mass of salt-water in the area.

Higher than the lake in front of us.

Denser than the trees around us, maybe?



Will BSA ban holding hands in an amphitheater is there's a cloud in the sky?


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