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I'll be going out to get my father's day present tomorrow and I'm thinking of a lightweight small compactable camp chair with a back.

Preferably I'd like one that weighs less than 2 pounds and packs small so that it will fit in my pack and is $100 or less. Must support 210lbs


Something a little off the ground with back support.


I'm looking at the Rei Flex Lite, the Alite Butterfly and the Alite Mayfly. The Mayfly looks less prone to sinking into the ground because of the crossbeams on the legs.

Of course it all depends how hard they are to get out of as well.


Any suggestions?



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i personally would go with the butterfly. its chair leg system has always been the most comfortable to me when i have had the opportunity to use it. all 3 of these chairs will sink in to some extent but unless you plan on using mainly at the beach you really cant go wrong.

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