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Home School Scout Troops

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Just found this board.

I'm a new ASM with a 13yo Tenderfoot Scout in a troop that is chartered through a Home School Ass.

The troop went camping in Central Texas with a group of other Home Schooled troops. First time for us to do this and I didn't get to go this weekend. This got me to thinking about how many other troops across this country might also be chartered through like associations? Do you belong to a troop or do you know of any other troops in your Districts that are chartered though a Home School Association.

I've enjoyed reading all of the posts that I have read so far and the information offered.

Thanks in advance for any responses.


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Hello, TX! Welcome to the forums.


I'll find out how many troops/packs/crews are chartered by home school associations if you'll send me a private message reminding me on Monday of next week. I won't be able to tell you where they are, but only how many.


You can private message me by clicking on the green bar to the left of my post that says "send private message."


Others may be able to help you in your quest to find them in local councils.


I for one have been trying to start them for several years with some success.


I would guess that there are hundreds or more.



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Welcome to the forums. I am homeschooled, but not a member of a homeschool troop. My homeschool group just started a Cub Scout pack, but no troop yet. I don't know the pack number, but they are chartered to Greater Griffin Christian Home Educators in Griffin Georgia.



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My son 8, currently attends a Christian School. We live in Lakewood Colorado, and the homeschooled pack he belongs to is moving to far for us to be able to take him any longer. He really enjoys going and it's a Christian based pack. Does anyone know of another pack located in the Lakewood area? I would really appreciate any info. anybody could give.


Thank You

Kim Snyder

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From -




Your council is Denver Area Council - http://www.denverareacouncil.com/


The Packs listed in Lakewood are -


Pack 243 Alameda West Kiwanis

Pack 814 Westgate Elementary PTA

Pack 180 Parents of Pack 180

Pack 448 Green Mountain Presbyterian Church

Pack 478 Kendrick Lakes Elementary PTA

Pack 836 Project Steps - Eiber

Pack 546 Glenn Randall Phillips United Methodist

Pack 748 Christ On The Mountain Catholic Church

Pack 42 LDS Church Dartmouth Ward

Pack 380 LDS Church Green Mountain 2nd Ward

Pack 18 LDS Church Alameda Ward

Pack 771 Lakewood Elks Lodge #1777

Pack 437 Dennison Elementary PTA

Pack 736 Shepherd of the Hills Presbyterian Church

Pack 166 Our Lady Of Fatima Catholic Church

Pack 76 Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Pack 237 South Lakewood Elementary PTA

Pack 135 Belmar Elementary PTA

Pack 622 Supporters of Pack 622

Pack 291 Eiber Elementary School PTA

Pack 418 Bear Creek Elementary PTA

Pack 548 Green Mountain United Methodist Church

Pack 477 Glennon Heights Elementary PTA


Call your council or the Charter Organization for Pack contact information.



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