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I actually wish that these guidelines would be re-written for clarity, and published for easier access.


Not for the lack of trying, but when my some started tigers, I was many many years our of scouting. I just missed the thing about the crest being halfway between the pocket and the shoulder seem, so I sewed it on his shirt close like the diagram shows.... but I got it so close that there's not room for his religious medal knot.


By the time I took a leadership role, I had come across this centered "rule" and sewed mine on accordingly..... but if I wear the shirt with no necker under the collar, the collar drapes over to cover the crest..... looks bad. Should have pinned it on and tried on the shirt before sewing!

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Here's how my son did his new shirt for Jambo. We just moved from his Webolos shirt to a Youth Large shirt and there's not a whole lot of room on the shirt, that's for sure...! We recently bought him three new shirts - two for Jambo that look like this one and one for his home troop. We put the veteran unit (40 years) directly under the Council patch and then the troop numbers directly underneath that. Then the POR patch was centered on the sleeve with the trained emblem on the hemmed sleeve.

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