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As a kid I went through the entire scouting program from Tiger to Eagle. This past year, I've been back in uniform as my oldest son's Tiger den leader. I've lurked on this forum for some time and gathered some good information, for which I thank all of the regular posters. I'm looking forward to learning more about being a scouter and giving back to a movement that has done a lot for me..

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Welcome Christopher! Be sure to wear your Arrow of Light, Eagle and any other knots on your uniform. One thing that helps is training. Go to Pow Wow's, your District Roundtables. Get your BALOO when you can. Seeing the boys grow up starting out as Tigers is so awesome! My son and his other three cubmates are really great friends. They are going to be Webelos in June! I know a lot about the Tiger program, so if you have questions both you and Frugal can ask away.

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