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Looking for a scout website?

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***have to be honest....its an ad, but its the truth!**********


I have three kids in scouting...Cub, Boy and Girl. It's next to impossible to keep track of all of the dates and events, and paperwork.


They need websites!...so that is what I build them! I used to be a programmer back in the real world. :)


I built these websites for any type of scouting organization to use.

Completely secure, and follows ALL BSA and GSUSA website guidelines! A MUST!


Control at your fingertips. No need for a programmer. Easy to use, Up and running in minutes!


Your tools..

Admin login

Protect your site with a master login and pw.

Upload forms




Rosters(admin view only!)

Advancements (Cub Scouts only)

Mass email

Events with RSVP feature

and more...


(FIRST MONTH FREE) There is a charge for this website. $1.00 a month. (FIRST MONTH FREE)


I didn't want to charge at all, but I do have to cover my server costs.

There is NO setup fee.

NO CC required.

No Cancellation fee.


This is NOT to good to be true. I am a mom who build this for her own kids...I simply morphed it into something others can use. Please check it out!




Sharon Miller



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