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New Venturing Crew - Overzealous Advisor???

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Please tell me if I'm crazy or do we have an overzealous advisor. My understand of what the Venturing program is that the Scouts run the Crew with the advisors assistance not direction, am I right??? This is what I have heard preached by our advisor but yet when the scouts have meetings, discussions, vote and agree on something she tells them they can do that and this is what you will do........ The agenda come to the meetings from her and are basically scripted telling her son (the president) what to ask, talk about, etc. I have numerous years experience in scouting but have yet to take the Venturing Leader Specific, but something in my gut tells me there are some serious control issues going on here. How are the scouts expected to learn how to do if they can't do.... When planning events they are told what they will or will not do not given a choice or create something on their own.... There is also some borderline disrespectful scoulding going one also, we are told we are not in the military but it often times feels and sounds very much like we are. This all seems opposite of what the Venturing Program is all about. Am I wrong??? And how would you handle this??


You've all been very helpful in the past, I'm hoping your guidance will help me with this..


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