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Juris' 10 Scouting Laws


The size of one's Troop indicates the distance one is from the principles of Scouting.


A SM run Troop is a happy Troop. Happy Scouts will tell their friends and they will want to join.


Only SM's are issued a standard brain. All others must wait their turn.


District and all other activities are not fun. Other Scouts do not understand this concept and must be told.


Scouting principles are too complex, so they must be simplified to be easily consumed.


A large Scout Troop does not need a committee to give it support.


Leadership is a Method for the birds and for the SM.


If nobody is there to tell you what to do, then having all of the right answers is easy.


Why would anyone want to work with a group of people when one person can do everything?


If a tree fell in the forest and it hit the SM on the head, would any Scout that had not been trained to think be able to fix him?


I hope this helps.






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