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Thinking of advertising here...

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I'm thinking of buying advertising space here for my troops flint and steel sales page. They want $40 for about 16,000 banner ads (look at the top of this page...)


Now we make about $2.75 for each flint and steel kit we sell so we would need to sell only 15 extra kits to break even. If it was my $$ I'd go for it, after all, it's just $40 to find out if it's a good idea. But it's not my $$.To the troop $40 is a lantern or a set of tent poles. I'd hate to spend their cash if I won't be able to boost sales.


Any thoughts? Any one ever tried advertising here?


John B.


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Thanks for the reply and your right but I'm looking for a business case here. Not sure the boys can provide me with that. Any thoughts on the likly hood of it working out? Or do you feel the boys would be wasting their cash?

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If they don't do it, they gain nothing, neither money nor wisdom. If they do it and lose money, they still gain. If they do it and make money, they win twice.


It's only $40. I don't know about the financial status of your troop but we could handle a $40 loss without a problem.


I say, go for it.

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