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News flash re: new first class requirements..

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I found this on our council website today and thougt it was worth passing on


sue m.


New First Class Requirement


Beginning January 1, 2006, an additional requirement will be added to the requirements for First Class rank in Boy Scouting. Scouts beginning their First Class requirement work after this date must complete the new requirement. Scouts working on First Class requirements prior to this date will have until June 30, 2006, to complete First Class rank without completing the new requirements.


The new requirement tests the candidate's persuasive communication skills and can help make Scouting available to more boys. It reads as follows:


"Tell someone who is eligible to join Boy Scouts, or an inactibe Boy Scouts, about your troop's activities. Invite him to a troop outing, activity, service project, or meeting. Tell him how to join, or encourage the inactive Boy Scout to become active."


The 2006 requirements book will be updated with this new information. All Scoutmasters were sent a DVD containing tools that young Scouts can use to asssist them in completing this requirement. Scouts can also find support for the completion of this requirement at www.thescoutzone.org.



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