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NJ I have not attacked anyone, we have posters who are imagining problems that have yet to happen (thats's fantasizing), in a program that is just being released, that they know little to nothing about, that has been fiield tested with excellent results.


Some of these are the same scouters who don't like a uniorm that they have yet to see ion person. It's just silly to suggest problems that do not exist in a program they have yet t see or try.



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Hmmm... let me get this straight. If one takes a bucket of water into the bedroom and pours it out, the floor will get wet. If they then take a bucket into the kitchen and pour it out, yep the floor gets wet. Now, take it into the living room. What does one think is going to happen?


An experimental pilot program where everyone's goal is to prove this is a fantastic idea vs. the real world of clingy scout moms, stage mothers and Little League dads. Gee, I can only guess what might happen.


If this works, I'll be the first to stand up and cheer, but if it doesn't, I get to be first in line to say "I told you so."


It doesn't take a special adult member of a troop to recruit new leaders. We have been doing this successfully for years. As a matter of fact, we have at times been so effective that more adults show up sometimes for events than the boys.


I'm willing to go out on a limb here, but the boys are going through the process of adolescence and breaking the apron strings and emerging into self-reliance. At that age, the last person I wanted to have along on my trips with the guys would be my mom or dad.


Nope, for me it's a program to develop maturity, independence and self-reliance in our young men. Unfortunately that involves a careful retreat by the parents to allow their boys to try out their wings and fly from the nest. Postponing that process is not part of the normal development of adolescence.


As a leader of a boy-led program, I spend as much time keeping the parents preoccupied as I do developing and training the boys to run the show. If my Parent Coordinator promises me that they will do everything they can do to keep parents from interfering, then I'll consider it, otherwise, it's just another adult with a power patch I have to keep an eye on. Just imagine it, a scout troop run by the boys that they have but one opportunity to not have to answer to the everyday rules and regs of a family, school, or other program that treats them like kids. Something that for real allows them to be the young adults they really are.



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My apologies jblake but we will mop up your floor another time. Right now we are talking about a new program in the BSA called ScoutParents.


Simple questions jblake..."Do you enjoy the activity of scouting with the youth you serve? Do you encourage them to attend, participate, and achieve?"


If not then why be an adult in scouting?


If the answer is yes, then why should you be allowed that enjoyment but not the parent of the scout?


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