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My Lazy-boy -zzzzz

Have to admit to falling in love with Jump Drives, and Digital cameras.

Still like my old Pentax 35mm.

After many years we have found a can opener that works Her That Must Be Obeyed got it at a "Party" Chef something or other.

Still the ring pull dog food cans work well.

So do ring pull soda cans.

What did we do before Cling film and photo-copiers?


Have just noticed that I have been posting for a year.

Thanks to everyone for your help,ideas and input.

I hope that maybe once or twice I have been of help to someone.

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frankj, you need to get a copy of the last handbook and compare it to this one. They've taken out all sorts of useful information and added lots of big, color pictures.


If you hand the two books to nearly any Scout and ask him which he'd rather use, he'll say "the older one."



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The handbook we have is the 11th edition. Is there a later edition that lacks some needed info? Stuff I remember from the old handbook I referred to in the earlier post: semaphore (spelling ?) signalling; Morse code; a system of placing rocks and/or sticks in certain ways to convey simple messages along a trail.



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I have a 50's crafstman circular saw and a drill that belonged to my grandfather.... They weigh a TON - metal casings instead of plastic - but work great! I have many of my grandfather's hand tools as well - a large wooden level, wood handled screwdrivers. Also a crowbar and a measuring rod that belonged to my great-grandfather - that I don't quite know what to do with, but I keep for sentimental reasons.


I have a Mirro aluminum nesting cookset that my family bought in the 1960's - that I still take along on every scout & family campout. (good thing, too - as the boys are always forgetting enough pots!)


My Boy Scout jacknife - bought when I was in grade school - and a GIRL scout! LOL!


Also a string hammock I have had since I was kid - and the boys still love using it at campouts...


My first basic Sears Kenmore sewing machine - bought in college - my niece has it down at college with her right now.


A kenmore gas dryer, that was inherited with our first house and was probably 20 yrs old when we got it. lasted another 15 yrs and 3 moves.






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