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No. Many troops do bridging to coincide with the end of the school year since GS levels are grade based. We used to only bridge girls from Brownies to Juniors.

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As long as the girls are eligible to move to the next level, when they have the actual ceremony is up to the girls (with leader input) themselves.


When our girls were younger they liked to do their ceremony in a local park, with a bridge over a stream, a picnic area, and a playground. We usually did this at the end of the school year (May, or early June). As they got older, the girls planned their bridging ceremonies for one of our summer camp outs. As we were told by our girls - ceremonies MUST include a few elements - be outdoors (preferably in the woods), and have fire. Music was OK too, but there had to be fire involved, and a combo of campfire, and candles was perfect!



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