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Summertime activity

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I'm looking for a good summertime activity to kick off the summer. I know there is bowling and skating, but I'm looking for something different and interesting. Any ideas?




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We met last night and set up our program for the Summertime Pack Award.


June: Fishing. Dept on Conservation will provide a guide to give instruction for an hour on the BL and Pin, bring bait and some poles and then fish for an hour. We may need to supplement with some cheap Spider-Man kid poles.


July: A sub division near the school has a pool we can rent for 3 hours for $100 and cook some dogs and brats.


August: Raingutter Regatta at the school playground. Lowes is pretty good about donating to Scouts, and the kits are only about $5 and nowhere near the work of a Derby Car. Just need two capped off gutters and sawhorses.


A simple orienteering course at a local park. 1-2 mile park hike. Some traffic cones from the city in the church/school parking lot for a bike derby.


As far as panning ahead, when you nail down your B&G date, using pack letterhead invite your congressman to give the boys a talk. They usually need several months notice, but they love doing that stuff. Might try for a Senator next year. The formal letter from your CC is key. Just throw some BSA clip art in a word document.

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