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Troop Bus? To Have or not to Have.

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My Troop has the opportunity for a VERY reasonably priced used "short" bus. While we are considering the purchase I was wanting to get some information from Troops that have a bus. What are your costs? Would you recommend? ect.

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I've got no experience with Scout buses but I work with a Christian Camp that has a bus program. Our buses a diesel coaches (retired Greyhounds) and I'm one of the drivers. You need an annual DOT inspection and they require frequent maintenance. The only reason they are worthwhile to us is that the camp is 500 miles from the starting point and the buses that take kids to camp are used during the week.


If the short bus is over 15 passenger, drivers must have a commercial driver license with passenger endorsement and take a semi-annual DOT physical. You need to have at least 1-2 parents/leaders committed to maintenance and a good secure storage area.


On the flip side, if you have a large vehicle ready at a moments notice, it puts you in very good shape for trips and outings. I'm also a mentor for a FIRST robotics team. We just traveled from Maryland to St. Louis, MO for the World Championships. We borrowed a 15 passenger van and towed a trailer and rented another van. (plus some lucky team members flew) You cannot tow trailers with rental vans and we have to pay excess mileage fees. And even though I'm licensed to drive a full size coach, it's not possible to rent a bus for a week.


Tough decision

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