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Hi Everyone! I am an OA Chapter Advisor and I am looking for a way to send out text messages to the entire chapter. Due to the large number of members, it is not realistic to enter the phone numbers manually. Does anyone know a freeware that allows me to send out group text feeding off a CSV file?


Any help will be very much appreciated.



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If you are ok with not getting replies and just want to use it to send out bulk txt message advisories,

you can sign up to use remind 101.

it is a program set up so teachers can send txt messages to their class, but the teacher doesn't have to collect the student's phone numbers and the student's don't have the teacher's phone numbers. it kinds respects everyone's privacy,


you set up a class at the website, call it whatever you want, OA blah blah chapter members

then they give you a phone number. everyone who wants to get the txt messages, sends a txt to that phone number, and they get put on the distribution list. you log in to the website, type up your message, in short bursts to be sure it fits in the txt field. everyone on the distribution list gets a txt with that info.


it's a little wonky at first, cause people expect to be able to reply. but it works well if you have a LOT of people that you want to txt. you of course, have to get the message out to have the scouts and leaders sign up.


it probably works well to protect everyone's info for youth protection issues. some 12 year old arrowman isn't going to be able to txt you something innappropriate [on purpose or by accident] late at night cause he won't have your number.

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