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Changing horses midstream

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Those of you able to upload a screen icon' date=' please share. (It may be my connection.)[/quote']


1. Login

2. Upper right "Nike". Click dragdown. select "My Profile" or just click on your default avatar

3. Your profile appears. On left is your default avatar photo. Move mouse over that until it says Edit Avatar. Click.

4. Dialog Box appears to upload photo from your PC or link a photo via URL. There are size limitations so you may see a dotted clipping rectangle to crop image to size or the pixel image size may be too large. "The maximum size of your profile picture image is 200 by 200 pixels or 100 KB (whichever is smaller)". Adjust accordingly.

Hope this helps. Enjoy.



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To veiw individual threads from oldest to newest click the "POSTS" link directly above the "Post Reply" button.


When viewing a specific forum, such as open discussion, click the "LATEST ACTIVITY" link to view the topics from the past week.


When at the main forums page, where you see the list of all the different forums, click latest activity to see the topics that have been created recently.

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Hi Folks,

There are two things happening here. First, yes, the forums have changed and there is definitely a learning curve. Moreover, (this is the other thing) I think Terry and the other web gurus are still working out 'bugs'. Just be patient and things will smooth out....at the same time that those of us who are still hiking up the learning curve, learn the system. It looks like a much more powerful site with many more capabilities. I'm looking forward to all of it.


Edit: Oooooo, Nike, nice avatar!

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I have been unable to list topics in the Open Discussion Program forum....clicking on a link to that forum or a more than day old topic in that forum just directs to the all forums listing.


Round and round.

Fixed thanks!!!! Though maybe the problem was on my end. I cleared my browser's (Firefox) history including cookies again this 2/3/13 am.
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