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Connecting the Dots: Guns, Gays and Obamacare

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It seems there are a lot of changes going in American today:

- The possibility of gun control and banning of assault rifles

- States legalizing homosexual marriage and the BSA may allow homosexual leaders

- A conservative supreme court justice suddenly votes in favor of Obamacare

- The rise of militias and the survivalist movement


Is this merely a periodic swing of America's political pendulum to the left and the right's subsequent reaction? Or is there some inexplicable conspiracy going on at the hand of an unseen power?

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Shucks; the thread title made me think it was going to be a marksmanship challenge.


I see where you're coming from, DigitalScout. Lemme add a few peculiarities:


The number of unemployed is at a record high. So the Prez disbands his 'Jobs Panel'.

Nobody got fired for Benghazi.

GDP is negative, but the market is flirting with a record high.

- (Or is the market just pre-adjusting for inflation, since the Fed is still pumping?)

The Republican Party can't decide whether to go Right or Center. (Usually a good way pile-up in the median...)


There is just too much 'stuff' happening to stay excited about any one or two issues.

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Well, the messianic adulation of our current president is rather interesting. I can't recall ever hearing or reading about someone so often referred to in godlike terms, being referred to as, quote-unquote, "our lord and savior," and major publications heralding his "second coming."


Make of that what you will. Perhaps it's a sign, or perhaps it's simply that human beings are rarely happy with the status quo.

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True Papa. Rome for instance. Always seem to be swings left to decadence before a hard swing back the other way. So to speak.


And the adulation of Obama is nothing new either. Emporers, kings, and so on...all thought to be direct connection to God. Perhaps not quite the second coming as has been bestowed upon our leader, but holding up false gods is nothing new.(This message has been edited by Brewmeister)

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I think the downfall of the country will be / has been electronic media. Talk about something the founders never foresaw!


When the prevalent information providers take one side consistently, truth has a hard time.


And you can't vote commentators out of office!

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Bear with me: I'm trying to promote a discussion without name calling or dismissing certain viewpoints out of hand.


My thinking is that we have hghly trained police to protect us, a national guard as our state militia and a well-armed military to defend our borders so why would citizens need an assault rifle? But if one works off the premise that the government is the enemy and is not to going to protect us and that the government is NOT of and for the people, then it would make sense to want to keep an assault rifle and high capacity magazines.


Calling people names is dismissing them. Dismissing Adam Lanza as a psychopath accomplishes nothing. But if you look at his life through Adam's eyes, perhaps we can gain an understanding of his motive: a mom is a survivalist armed to protect herself and her family from the government or some dark force, coupled with possible mental illness, and layered with endless hours of Call to Duty. What else has she projected on Adam to drive him to massacre 20 children?


Earlier this week a self-proclaimed survivalist in Alabama who built a bunker on his property in the dark of the night, killed a bus driver and took a kindergartener hostage.


These murderous actions and what some see as a irrational desire for assault weapons are driven by fear and distrust of the government or another power manipulating the government and the press. I'm sure there are some on this forum who believe that the President is a non-American muslim, conspiracy exists to promote the gay agenda, the 9/11 cover-up, chemtrails, Sandy Hook was a hoax to grab our guns, Obamacare has a sterilization agenda, the coming of the Rapture, etc.. Is there a signal in the noise?


I would like to hear genuine comments and not "that's absurd". Many people were called absurd but later proven correct: Copernicus, Galileo, Einstein.

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"My thinking is that we have hghly trained police to protect us"


You are mistaken. The police don't have a duty to protect us. That isn't "my thinking." It's law. Police departments "protect and serve" the law and the government. Many police officers indidually would like to protect other individuals, but they are not professionally or legally obligated to do so. And even if they were, they are not manned to do so.


"why would citizens need an assault rifle?"


Need? Huh?

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