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Venturing Summercamp opportunities

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Looking for a Venturing dedicated camp, or camp that offers a Venturing program. We attended our local camp Swift Base in the St. Louis area. but we are looking for a camp within 10 hours of St.Louis Mo that offers a Venture specific program

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This is right at your 10 hour mark:


Road construction (a.k.a. orange blossom season) will probably add an hour to that.


I met some young ladies who were in the midst of this program one evening. They were having a great time, by all accounts and by virtue of the fact they were making a bee line for the lake after a day of hiking.

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Last year the Great Smoky Mountain Councils Camp Buck Toms offered Venturing camp, and on the last day there was a tour of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


The leaders guide can be found on this page, http://www.bsa-gsmc.org/venture-camp/46561 this is last years info, but call the council office and someone should be able to fill you in on this years program.

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