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Swearing in ceremony for associate advisor

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I have two folks we are appointing as associate advisors this coming Thursday. One is a youth member and Silver recipient that turns 21 this week, and another a committee member who us switching over. I am looking for a simple swearing in ceremony. Anyone have anything they would like to share?



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I've never done this. But, it's a great idea.


I think you should just simply have your crew pres have everyone circle up, then call out the co-avdvisors and ask them "will you help us to "


They say, "I will".


President says, "Then, please accept the role of associate advisor to crew ___"


Co-Advisor's shake the president's hand, followed by officers, then every youth in the circle.


Let us know what you finally do and how it works.

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" I promise to do my duty, to God, my Country and community and to obey the Law of the Pack."

OOps, I 'm sorry, wrong ceremony...


""I promise to do my duty to God, my country, my community and my Crew. I promise to be the very best Crew Advisor I can be. I will help the Crew go places and do things, and learn, and have fun doing it. Hoo - Hah.""

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