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Can we give out our own created awards at District Dinner ???

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At our District Dinner:


We recognize those who have volunteered to head-up various district activities (camporees, pinewood derby, etc.).

We give attendance awards for roundtable--this past year, we recognized 3 units with a decade of perfect attendance and about a dozen with 5 or more years.

We recognize groups/organizations that have helped-out the district such as the church that allows the use of their facility for a scouting event, the fairgrounds association that allowed camporee at their facility for a reduced (or free in on case) rate, etc.

And the District Award of Merit


Yes, there are silly/fun awards sometimes. Two examples:

1. Two years ago, in addition to roundtable attendance recognitions, we gave out "50+ miler awards". Total number of attendees per unit for the year times the distance to roundtable. As we're a large, rural district, we had many in the 200 to 400 miler range and two with over 1,000 miles racked up in a year.

2. Fake merit badges handed out in thanks to those who stepped up to present a roundtable topic, or who simply "deserved" a particular badge. "Underpaid" given to the DE (and for those who feel their DE is overpaid, there's one of those available too). The well known volunteer who wound-up on TV because a news crew was covering the fire that destroyed said volunteer's favorite store for morning coffee. Said volunteer, in uniform, didn't say anything about coffee. He said "I don't know where I'm now going to get a cup of coffee." He was awarded the Coffee Drinking merit badge. And so on.


As others have said, your council is "full of it". It's your awards banquet. Do as you wish.

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