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Someday soon, all families may once again associate Scouting with good character

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Oh my, God has come down from the mountain tops and has spoken to us! :)


That was an attempt at light hearted humor - not meant to be condescending or cynical.


Terry, as a moderator, sometimes I feel I shouldn't weigh in on issues as much and let others carry that torch, but usually that feeling fades after awhile. I sure you feel the same sometimes - times ten.


Thanks for all you've done for this forum for so many years.


Now, excuse me while I try to hunt down a Forbes article.

That's the crux of the issue - who gets to define "real GOOD/MORAL character? You? The BSA? The charter organization? My wife won't eat meat during lent on Friday. I will. Some religions accept homosexuality as moral, some do not. The question is if the BSA declares itself to be nonsectarian in its attitude toward that religious training, why ban individuals based on the religious training of only certain sects?

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