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Boy Scouts close to ending ban on gay members, leaders NBC

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twocubdad wrote: "If approved, prepare for a flood of media stories everytime some local CO exercises it's local option to exclude gays"


What story? Catholic church refuses to recharter Boy Scout troop led by the The Village People? Readers can be reasonable. It's the same reasonableness that allows people to comprehend that it's okay to not require churches to marry homosexual couples. If you don't like the policies of the charter org, join a unit chartered by city hall.

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Join a unit chartered by city hall.


"Won't happen if atheists can't join." Merlyn


Yes this has to be addressed as we REALLY need public schools as CO's, so we can be where the kids are and readily run after school scout programs on school/govt property.


My $0.02,


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Ah, yes, saying the BSA still has standards by excluding atheists gets a free pass (even though it's analogous to an organization finally allowing blacks but still excluding Jews "because we have standards"), and nobody except me calls him on it, yet I'M the hatemonger.


Fred, you're just a bigot. You aren't even an entertaining bigot.

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Enough already! It's clear you guys don't like each other. No need to encumber the rest of us with all that stuff!


Brewmeister, this move toward local option doesn't alter in the least the standards your CO might want to apply for membership. It means that BSA is giving you and your CO the freedom to choose, just like everyone else. I can't see the down side to that. Clue me in.


Edit: Merlyn, I guess we were typing at the same time. I'm not so sure this still excludes atheists if the CO gets to determine membership standards. If this is real (and I'll still believe it when I see it) it looks like a serious reversal by BSA.(This message has been edited by packsaddle)

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I've already seen, "What about athiests?" and "What about girls?"

Once there's a crack in the dam ...

Sounds to me like BSA is approaching this with caution, and here we go making all sorts of assumptions. We're ripe for rumors.

I'll wait here.


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