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Scout Exec Douglas Smith Released From Jail

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Doug Smith directed BSA National's task force to protect children from sexual abuse. In 2005, he pleaded guilty to possession and distribution of child pornography (over 500 images on his PC, as I recall it was a joint German and US investigation). He faced 5-20 years, but 8 years later he is out, but stay tuned for the surprise!


2005 news article: Boy Scout official pleads guilty to child porn



2013 news article: Former Scout Safety Director Freed from Prison


"According to a videotaped court deposition he gave while in prison, Smith said that he submitted his retirement letter as soon as his house was raided in 2005, making him eligible for the Boy Scouts pension and medical benefits.


An attorney familiar with employment laws said denying Smiths pension and benefits would violate the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act.


They (government) are very strict in protecting employee rights to what has been paid in, said Rogge Dunn, a veteran Dallas attorney. Having committed certain crimes is one of those things that the statute doesnt address, but should probably be addressed in the future.


The Scouts acknowledged that Smith is likely the only person on their so-called perversion files who is also still on the payroll.


The Boy Scouts are going to pay a convicted felon a full retirement, but not reimburse people who have been abused at the hands of their Scout leaders? said Buckland, who cannot sue for his 1984 abuse because of California's strict statute of limitations for filing. His lawyer is still negotiating reimbursement for years of therapy."


Incredible.(This message has been edited by RememberSchiff)

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If anyone can suggest this to the PTB, I have heard of such a case where the organization repaid all the individuals contributions to the retirement plan, and said ta-ta.

Alternatively, they could withdraw the BSA's contributions, and effectively "sell" him his own , somewhat reduced, retirement plan.

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That's a bit of a silly statement. If there were not pros to dedicate their days to the program, I assure you that it would die very quickly. We volunteers have other work to perform during the day. It's a team effort on all parts...Not a we vs. them attitude that prevails at times. That goes for the "money guys" as well. They are needed as much as anybody is.


David C. Scott

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