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Columbine had an armed Guard

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As stated if the NRA wants to pay for this whole thing with THEIR MONEY, then fine. Even your statement is about the organizing of the plan and the hiring of people by the NRA as their Trainers. But, if you wish to take the course, with their NRA newly trained trainer, I think they plan to charge those people for it. I thought it was just a plan on paper. It is not. You interpret it one way, others are not. I doubt the Federal Government will put this cost in their budgets seeing they don't have the money for it, but if individual communities decide to pay for it, we will see what is free and what is charged.


Either way sorry this is not a one solution solves all. Because it will not solve the gunmen in all the other public places, not even as a temporary immediate solution, until the other solutions have a time to be able to kick in. It is not a balanced approach. A balanced approach is looking at EVERYTHING related to gun violence including the *gasp* guns and ammo *gasp*.. It is also limiting the type of violence in games and in movies. It is also other ideas like the idea to slowly start building schools with thoughts of what would make it harder for a massacre to happen. It is finding ways to change the perception on society that you do not need to walk around with a gun in order to blow the head off of whoever chooses to piss you off.



I thought we were suppose to consider all ideas in solving this problem. Here's a group putting their money where their mouth is and your complaining.



So does this mean if I am open to NRA spending whatever they want as long it doesn't cost the taxpayer (or at least the taxpayer who doesn't own weapons) any thing for it. Are you willing to look at limiting guns and ammo to what is resonable, and changing the social perception about guns through the media, games, and other things found to make guns less attractive, so that in 10 to 15 years the armed guards can be removed from our schools..

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"I guess none of you remember Clinton's 2000 "Cops in Schools" program"

And your implication is what? You thought that the Cops in Schools program was good, so that is why you are for the NRA proposal? That one bad idea from requires unquestioning support of any similar proposal?


Hutchinson's statement refers to planning and implementing a program to place armed guards in schools. He does not state that NRA will pay for those guards.



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All our high schools and most middle schools have "School Resource Officers" which are all part of the regular police force. They do more than just walk around the school with a gun, they are positive roll models and work with troubled youth. From our Sheriff Departments's website:


The County Sheriffs Office has School Resource Officers that are assigned to the County secondary schools

and they handle those matters originating on the assigned school campus. Along with their daily duties

and responsibilities the School Resource Officers perform the following:

Drug and Alcohol Education (middle & high schools)

Date Rape Education

Bullying and Cyber bullying Presentations

Monitor the after school programs and events at the assigned campus throughout the school year. (Dances, athletics, and other misc. programs)


Yea I can see why that would be bad.

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School resource officers are a fine thing, however they won't be any good if they are not at the entrance. Look at the size of Sandy Hook School, if he was at the other end of the school it would have taken him about 2 minutes to get to the scene of shooting.


The only way armed officers work is if they are stationed at the entrance and don't move

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I think the idea is :


Clintons idea = good

NRA's idea = bad


Neglect to tell you that from their perspective it was


Clintons idea = bad

NRA's idea = good


They also neglect to tell you about the other things happening to balance the attempt, that Clinton did not propose that armed guards alone were the answer to everything. And was all for anything goes in the way of what weapons you wanted to arm yourself with.


Also if someone plans to offer a service it is pretty common sense they will organize the service, hire the employees and train them to implement the service, but if you want their service they will charge you for it. This is all the NRA is proposing, they will plan the "National Director of the National School Shield Program", hire and train those who will offer the service.. Eagle thinks they will offer the service to everyone who wants it for free.. I say "NOT".. They are just saying they are willing to make a profit off this tragedy with a new service idea.. How benevolent of them.

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moose, do you have any facts or source to support this statement or is it just your emotions talking again?


"Eagle thinks they will offer the service to everyone who wants it for free.. I say "NOT".. They are just saying they are willing to make a profit off this tragedy with a new service idea.. How benevolent of them."


I offered facts and sources for my facts, you could do the same if you had any.

On second thought just go with whatever makes you feel good.

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